If you’re looking for a nature lover’s paradise, look no further than Felts Audubon Preserve in Palmetto, Florida. This beautiful park is home to various plants and animals and is the perfect place to spend a sunny day outdoors. The preserve features miles of hiking trails and an observation tower that offers stunning views of the surrounding area. You’ll also find a nature center on-site, which offers educational programs for visitors of all ages. So if you’re looking for some peace in nature, be sure to visit Felts Audubon Preserve! Learn more here.

I was recently lucky to visit Felts Audubon Preserve in Palmetto, Florida. The preserve is home to various birds, including the American kestrel, the peregrine falcon, and the sandhill crane. I was able to see all three of these birds during my visit! The American kestrel is a small falcon found throughout North and South America. I was lucky enough to spot one perched atop a tree near the entrance to the preserve. These beautiful birds are known for their hunting prowess and are often seen hovering in the airfields in search of prey. The peregrine falcon is another bird of prey that can be found at Felts Audubon Preserve. Learn more about Florida’s Cockroach Bay Preserve State Park: A Natural Treasure.