Emerson Point Preserve offers a wide array of recreational activities. Visitors can explore the landscape of Florida’s natural habitats on foot, bike, or boat. Those looking for outdoor adventure can explore the marshy edges to spot birds or venture into the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Emerson Point Preserve also contains five trails ranging from easy hikes to challenging backcountry treks. Learn more here.

The Emerson Point Preserve also allows visitors to experience a variety of wildlife, including ospreys. The preserve is home to numerous species, including ospreys. Other wildlife at the park includes alligators, deer, bobcats, foxes, and the federally protected manatee. Visitors are encouraged to respect the outdoors and avoid any activities that might disturb them. Learn more about Get to Know Palmetto, FL Hidden Gem, Emerson Point Preserve.

The preserve is also home to an ancient shell mound, which is believed to be part of a pre-Columbian Native American settlement. The stack is an important archaeological site, and its contents provide valuable insight into ancient Florida cultures. The site has been carefully preserved and is open to the public for exploration.