Hail On Yard

Hailstorm Mayhem – Roof Hail Damage In a Homeowner’s Own Words

Having lived in the same house for over 10 years I’d seen many hailstorms without any real damage to speak of. After the storm I didn’t think I saw any damage, and only decided to get my roof inspected because pretty much everyone in the neighborhood was doing it. I figured the worst that could happen is I might need minor roof repairs, and I wanted to know that before the onset of winter.  This time, however, I was way off. It turns out I needed a new roof altogether—but also new siding, a new garage door, and repairs to the gutters and deck. My first encounter was with what turned out to be a fast-talking salesman from one of these fly-by-night companies that sprout like mushrooms after a storm. He told me he had to talk to my insurance company in order to give me an estimate and had me sign a form authorizing him to do so. I was in a rush to get back to work, so I signed it and sent him on his way. Only after looking at the fine print did I realize that I had also agreed to hire him to do all repairs, if I decided to hire another company I still had to pay him, and had 72 hours to cancel—which I did immediately.
Contract ready for signature
My next contact was with Ridge Top Exteriors, that my insurance company said was a local, trustworthy provider whose work was guaranteed to be solid.  I looked them up online and saw they had really good reviews and a collection of customer service awards—so I felt better about giving them a call.  My Project Manager, Jeff, did all the work for me in terms of dealing with the insurance company; phone calls, paperwork and all.  He walked me through options for a new roof shingles and vinyl siding in words I could understand, and even gave me samples to look at up close.  I went to Ridge Top’s showroom where I could see what those looked like on a wall, and by the time I made my choices, I knew exactly what I needed, how much it would cost, and how long it would take to do the work.  I did chose some upgrades that the insurance company wouldn’t cover because I figured they’d increase the value of my home, so I knew I’d get my money back and then some.  By the way, Ridge Top doesn’t sell garage doors, but they referred me to someone they work with, and he was just great to work with.  As for my roof, siding, and gutters, not only was the crew from Ridge Top on time, but they worked fast and they did a wonderful job.  Larry, the owner, was there several times to make sure everything was being done the right way—and I was amazed, because this is a big company and I didn’t expect this kind of old-fashioned, personal attention that is so rare nowadays.  It’s been more than a year now, but every time I come home from work I still smile when I turn the corner and see my house. Ridge Top Exteriors is definitely going to be my go-to place next time I need either a new roof or siding, or just roof repairs.  I know there will be other storms, but at least I have the peace of mind of knowing a contractor I can trust to have my back.
Siding Damaged By Hail

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