Are you looking for an animal sanctuary that’s perfect for primates? Look no further than Suncoast Primate Sanctuary Foundation in Tarpon Springs, FL! The Suncoast Primate Sanctuary Foundation in Tarpon Springs, FL, is a non-profit organization that provides a haven for abused, abandoned, and neglected primates. Our foundation provides a haven for monkeys, apes, and other primates who have been abandoned or abused. We are dedicated to providing the best possible care for our residents, and we welcome visitors from all over the world to come and learn more about these fantastic animals. See more here.

The sanctuary is home to over 100 primates, including chimpanzees, orangutans, macaques, and gibbons. The foundation also offers educational programs and tours to the public. The Suncoast Primate Sanctuary Foundation was founded in 2001 by Deborah Dickson-Parke. After working for years as a primate keeper at zoos and sanctuaries around the world, she decided to open her cover in her hometown of Tarpon Springs. So if you’re ever in Tarpon Springs, check out the Suncoast Primate Sanctuary Foundation. It’s an extraordinary place and one that we should all support. Thank you. Read about Starkey Ranch District Park in Tarpon Springs, FL: A Beautiful Park for Family Fun here.