Greenville Lions Park, located in central Greenville, NC, is a beautiful park with plenty of opportunities to explore and enjoy nature. The park is known for its lush green grass, beautiful trees, and spectacular views of Greenville’s downtown area. Spanning over thirty-five acres and with an abundance of trails, visitors can find stunning natural beauty in this public space. Greenville Lions Park features a variety of amenities and activities for visitors of all ages, from picnicking and hiking to bird watching and more. With over 6 miles of trails, including easy, moderate, and strenuous levels, there is something for everyone. The courses are well-marked and range from shaded ones that pass through lush hardwood forests to non-shaded views of downtown Greenville. Information can be found here.

Additionally, the park features a large natural play area with playground equipment, a children’s pool, a disc golf course, and multiple sports fields. At Greenville Lions Park, the opportunities for exploration and relaxation are endless. For those interested in water sports, the park has a seven-mile canoe and kayak trail at the southern end of the park and a paddle board rental station. Visitors can also use the park’s limited fishing activities, where visitors are encouraged to fish with a catch-and-release practice due to the particular variety of fish. If wildlife is more your speed, the park also allows visitors to observe some of its wildlife, including several species of birds and mammals. The park is home to egrets, owls, cardinals, and other migratory birds, foxes, opossums, squirrels, and turtles. Visitors can also view the park’s open-air aviary, which houses several species of exotic birds such as columbium toucan and sun conures. Learn more about Uncover the Beauty of Greenville Lions Park.